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Create Your OWN Habbo Retro Here!
With Hamachi

Hello. For all those newbies to hotel making, please read this article as it has been articulated properly, and also, it is very easy to understand, literally. If there are certain parts you do not understand or have done it wrongly unknowingly, feel free to PM me.

Step 1

To run a Habbo Hotel of your very own, you will need a server to edit settings and send out Hotel Alerts, or even have a mass credits spree. I'd recommend these few as starter servers, as they have many functions and do not need much effort to properly run them. The Search button will be your best friend in this step.

•DebboProject v14
•usa111's v14
•Mark's V14 Server
Step 2
External Documents

When you find a suitable server for you, you will need external variables and external texts. The Search button, once again, will be your companion for the whole of this step. After you have got your external documents, you need to host them on your server so that it runs those external documents, and not the ones your server came with. To do that, follow this step-by-step manual.

•Create a account at Freewebs.com - Free website, free hosting, free webpage, online photo album, free blog, more!
•Go to Site Manager and click 'Single File Uploader'. A pop-up will open. Upload your external variables and external texts.
•Go to 'My Account' on the top of the page, beside the big 'view my site' button. Scroll down and click 'Downgrade to HTML'. Then, go to your Site Manager, and click 'index.htm'.
•Follow the steps below.

Now, after that, edit the quote below at the highlighted places. Before you do that, download Hamachi from LogMeIn - Remote Access and Desktop Control Software for your PC. When you are finished with the installation, create a network by clicking the triangle at the bottom right corner. Set your password and the network name, then put the few numbers with the dots in the middle and sides on the top of the Hamachi window into the 'YOUR IP HERE' part of the quote below.

<title>THE NAME OF YOUR HOTEL</title>
<body bgcolor="#000000">
<div align="center">
<object classid="clsid:166B1BCA-3F9C-11CF-8075-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/director/sw.cab#version=8,5,1,0" id="habbo" width="720" height="540">
<param name="src" value="http://images.habbohotel.co.uk/dcr/release14.1_b8_debug/habbo.dcr">
<param name="swRemote" value="swSaveEnabled='true' swVolume='true' swRestart='false' swPausePlay='false' swFastForward='false' swTitle='Habbo Hotel' swContextMenu='true' ">
<param name="swStretchStyle" value="none">
<param name="swText" value="">
<param name="bgColor" value="#000000">
<param name="sw6" value="external.texts.txt=THE LINK OF YOUR EXTERNAL TEXTS">
<param name="sw2" value="connection.info.host=YOUR HAMACHI IP HERE;connection.info.port=YOUR PORT HERE(DEFAULT=90">
<param name="sw4" value="connection.mus.host=game.habbohotel.co.uk;c onnection.mus.port=30001">
<param name="sw3" value="client.reload.url=index.html">
<param name="sw1" value="site.url=http://www.habbohotel.co.uk;url.prefix=http://www.habbohotel.co.uk">
<param name="sw5" value="external.variables.txt=YOUR EXTERNAL VARIABLES LINK HERE">
<embed src="http://images.habbohotel.co.uk/dcr/release14.1_b8_debug/habbo.dcr" bgColor="#000000" width="720" height="540" swRemote="swSaveEnabled='true' swVolume='true' swRestart='false' swPausePlay='false' swFastForward='false' swTitle='Habbo Hotel' swContextMenu='true'" swStretchStyle="none" swText="" type="application/x-director" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/" sw6="external.texts.txt=YOUR EXTERNAL TEXTS HERE"sw2="connection.info.host=YOUR HAMACHI IP HERE;connection.info.port=YOUR PORT HERE(DEFAULT=90)" sw4="connection.mus.host=game.habbohotel.co.uk;con nection.mus.port=30001" sw3="client.reload.url=" sw1="site.url=http://www.habbohotel.co.uk;url.prefix=http://www.habbohotel.co.uk" sw5="external.variables.txt=YOUR EXTERNAL VARIABLES LINK HERE" >

After you've done that, save the page, and open up your server. Start it, and open your website window, and, lo and behold, your very own Habbo Hotel Retro.


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